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Travel highlights Belarus

Travel highlights Belarus

Nesvizh Castle
Nesvizh castle is a grand palace, one of the highlights of Belarus. It is surrounded by stunning gardens.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This vibrant city is a great mix of historical Soviet architecture, with cafes, nightclubs and wonderful restaurants. Minks is known for its parks and gardens, so don’t miss a trip to the Gorky Central Children’s Park which houses an observation wheel with stunning views over the city.

Brest is know for its unique brick fortress which was a symbol of Soviet resistance during World War II. Very much linked to the Belarusian identity and history

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
Our national park which stretches into Poland is a protected area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's famous for its beautiful landscapes and flora and fauna and this is where the European Bisons live. Actually it is one of the few places in the world where these grand animals can be seen in their natural habitat.

Minsk Sea

the Minsk Sea is an artificially created reservoir where you'll find sandy beaches, cute cafes, and restaurants. A great spot for teambuilding activities